Noor-e Mobin Institute is mainly concerned with the field of education; nevertheless since it is a non-profit charity organization, it also tries to serve the society in fields other than education, as much as possible.

One of these activities of the Institute is the administration of the orphanage of Shahroud, which was previously under the administration of the State Welfare Organization (Bahzisti). The Institute took charge of the orphanage in April 2009. This is the only orphanage in the province of Semnan.

The project involves registering children who have no guardian or who are mistreated by their guardians, and providing for all of their needs.

On average, there are fifteen children at the orphanage, though the number is variable.

Some of these orphans suffer from physical, psychological, or mental problems. Thus, the medical expenses of the orphanage constitute a significant part of the costs of this project. Other costs include the costs of food, clothing, utilities and transportation, administrative fees, and the salaries of the nurses, trainers, social workers and custodians.

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