In one sentence, the noble goal of Mobin and Matin schools is to build good people and decent citizens.

Of course, there is a lot to these simple words, but in short, a good person and a decent citizen is one who
- is well-mannered
- has self confidence
- is open-minded, creative and liberal
- is a natural human being, meaning a person who has grown up in the nature and feels intimate with the environment

Basic Principles

In order to achieve the above objectives, it is essential to set a few principles as the basic framework for our activities. These principles should always be in our mind, and every decision that is made in the school should be based on these principles. In other words, these principles make up the foundation and the background of all of the activities that take place in the Institute. These principles and values that serve the above objectives are as follows:

- to view the students as human beings
- freedom
- inclination toward nature
- more capability alongside more knowledge
- physical activities
- social interactions and group activities
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