Our Vision

Education is one of the most important elements of the society, designed by mankind to transmit the knowledge and experience of one generation to the next, in the hope for a better generation to come.
The education system has rarely ever been reviewed in Iran, and thus it has not gone through much change or improvement. There have been a few papers and books examining this field, but these studies have mainly remained at the academic level and have not been transformed from theory to practice.
Moreover, the ethical standing of a society is the starting point of that society’s improvement, and it takes a long time for the values and ethics of a people to change.

Our Mission

Based on the above, we are determined to establish and develop the two schools of Mobin and Matin (for boys and girls) based on the experiences of those noble souls whose mission has been to improve the ethics and spirituality of mankind, and who have striven for this cause most seriously. Our hope is to make it possible for some fellow human beings to live the first part of their life—which is the most important part—in a safe, open and delightful environment. We want to provide them with an atmosphere that is free of humiliation, embarrassment and anxiety. This would be a great experience for them and for us.

May this be a small step that we take to make a better world.
Hossein Farzin Nia
Founder and Dean
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