Frequently Asked Questions
· How many school grades does the Institute cover?
· The Institute consists of three schools, each of which includes a single grade. As of the academic year of 2014-15, Mobin Elementary School (for boys) had a 27-student class in grade one, and Mobin Junior High School (for boys) had an 20-student class in grade 8. Matin High School (for girls) had a 15-student class in grade ten with a math concentration. . Therefore, there were a total of 62 students registered with the Institute in 2014-15.

· Why does the Institute not cover all grades?
· First, the schools are financed by a non-profit charity institution, and thus there are financial limitations associated with any expansion to the classes or the space available to the schools.
Second, the quality of a job is more important than its extent or quantity. Thus, we prefer to expand on our coverage only if we can maintain the quality of our job.

· How much is the annual tuition of the students?
· The schools are financed and administrated by the  Noor-e Mobin Charity Inst., and therefore the students do not pay anything.

· How are the costs of the schools paid for?
· They are paid for by the monetary contributions of affiliated donors and individuals who are interested in educational and cultural activities.

· What the salary of the dean of the Institute?
· The dean and some other administrative staff at the schools do not receive any payment from the school. They work for the Institute as volunteers.

· Do these schools follow the rules and standards of the Ministry of Education?
· Yes. These schools are officially registered with the Department of Education of the city of Bastam as non-profit private schools, and they follow the established rules and guidelines of the Iranian Ministry of Education.

· Why was the city of Bastam chosen for these schools?
· This project required a large land and a somewhat untouched environment. Tehran was not a good choice due to its urban limitations and high costs of land. Therefore we sought a location that would be not too far from the capital city, and have a suitable set of climatic, social, and geographical conditions. Our investigation led us to choose Shahroud for this reason, and since Bastam offered a more natural environment, more affordable land, and yet was very close to Shahroud, it won the final vote.
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