About the Ideal School
The current state of Mobin and Matin schools is still far away from our ideal, in terms of both physical capital and human capital. Noor-e Mobin Educational and Cultural Institute was established in 2007 as a step toward our ideal. Through the help of our respected donors, we could buy a land of about 28 hectares of area, and we have made several plans for the future of this complex.

In terms of space and building, boys and girls will each have 13 grades from pre-school to high school, each grade holding 50 students in two classrooms. That would be a total of about 650 students for each gender.

Based on this plan, each grade would have its own independent area—including a classroom, a multi-purpose room, a library, a common hall, an office, etc.

In addition, each three grades would be considered as one group, and each group will have its own set of facilities such as a sport complex, a science lab, a workshop, a playground, and more.

There will also be some common areas for the entire school, such as a dining hall, a kitchen, an indoor and an outdoor pool, a mosque, an amphitheater, etc.

Therefore, there would be three main parts to the complex:
1. The boys complex
2. The girls complex
3. The common area

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