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Most education systems nowadays, especially in the industrialized countries, have evolved so much that they fundamentally differ from traditional schooling. In many countries, a new generation of schools has come into existence, which is called progressive or liberal schools. The essential difference between these schools and the traditional schools is that the new schools do not emphasize teaching so much. Instead, they focus on giving each individual the opportunity and the environment to develop and actualize his or her unique potentials. The knowledge that a person has does not matter very much; it is one’s capabilities that matter.

This is the goal of Noor-e Mobin Educational and Cultural Institute, which consists of the two charity schools of Mobin and Matin. This goal might be far away to reach, but it is possible.

Mobin is a non-profit private boys school that was founded in year 2000 in the city of Bastam, near Shahroud, in the province of Semnan in Iran. Mobin was a first experience of the new generation of schools mentioned above in Iran. This initiative later led to the foundation of a similar girls school named Matin in 2004. The two schools aim at applying the new pedagogical methods in an Iranian context. It is important to have an open-minded approach to these new methods, which have their own features and should not be judged based on traditional standards.

This website is an attempt to introduce the activities and projects that have been implemented or planned for in the two schools of Mobin and Matin since their creation. We hope that the people of expertise and experience find the website informative, and provide us with their helpful comments and share their experiences with us.

In the recent years, there have been a few other schools in Iran that have had a similar new approach to education. This is a new tendency in our education system that one should feel fortunate about. We hope to be an active player in developing the scope and quality of education in our country, by the grace of the Almighty.

The schools are located in the town of Bastam, which is six kilometers to the north of the city of Shahroud. The tombs of Bayazid Bastami and Imam-Zadah Mohammad make the city center, on Ayatollah Taleghani Boulevard. Mobin Elementary School is located on Mahabbat Street, Matin Junior High school is on Bahar Street, and Mobin High School is on Mehr Street. There is a three to four minute walk from each school to another.

Bastam is a town under the administration of the city of Shahroud. Many centuries back, Bastam was described as a small city that is more like a big village—a description that is still true, more or less.

Abu Dalaf noted in his log in early fourth century AH (10th century CE):

Then, I reached a big village—a village that resembled a small city—where Abu Yazid Bastami (be he blessed) was buried.

Likewise, Haji Zayn al-Din Shirvani wrote in two of his book:

Bastam is a delightful village, with running water, a pleasant weather, and a fertile land. Its fruit is plenty and its crop is cheap. It is located on a plain open land on all four sides, which reaches a mountain further south. It has been said that one of the architects of the city was the uncle of Khosrow Parviz, son of Hormoz, son of Anushiravan.

The history of Bastam goes back to six or seven millennia before the birth of Christ. This is based on the historical evidence and articles that have been found near the city, which are held in Shahroud Museum of History. Bastam has apparently been razed to ground several times due to earthquake and other disasters. Most of what we know about Bastam is from the post-Islam period (after 13th century CE).

Bayazid Bastami, the prominent second-century Sufi who was a disciple of Imam Ja‘far Sadiq (peace be upon him), is buried in this town. Most of the historical structures in Bastam were built in the seventh century AH (14th century CE) during the rule of Ghazan Khan.
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